Update July 22, 2019

Alexandra Gates Restoration Project – Trull building demolition to commence soon

As reported on in past newsletters, the Alexandra Gates Renovation is an LPRO spear-headed project to restore the pillars and gates at the entrance to  Alexandra Blvd at Yonge Street.  They are visibly in quite bad shape and are deteriorating rapidly.

This effort was put on hold in late spring 2018 when we became aware of the sale of the Trull Funeral home and of the owners plan to demolish the building and rebuild on that site.  This demolition will result in the removal of any pillars located on the south side of the street and therefore it made sense to wait before going ahead with the restoration at that time.

We have managed in the meantime to meet with the developer and are working on an arrangement with him and the City to have the pillars and gates renovated as part of this project.   Such an arrangement will be great news for the ongoing efforts to preserve the character and heritage of our neighbourhood.

Mid-July 2019 the demolition permit was issued for the funeral home.

We are hoping to have the necessary agreements in place with the developer and the City very shortly.   If things go as planned, the pillars will be removed at the same time as the Trull demolition, and they will not be replaced until the new development on that site is done.


PROJECT ON HOLD – Spring 2018


The Trull Funeral Home, which is immediately adjacent to the south-side pillars on Alexandra Boulevard has been sold.  The new owners have made it known to the city that they will be demolishing the building for a new development for this and the adjacent site along Yonge Street.

Such a development project will require the pillars at the existing location to be taken down.

The developer has suggested in meetings with the city councillor that they are open to working with us on having the pillars replaced.  We are still waiting for an official plan to be submitted by them.  However, we are hopeful of working out an arrangement to include the proper restoration of the pillars and railings as part of the development project.

Assuming that the proposed development proceeds without delay, it does not make sense to spend the money to restore them just to have them taken down.

Therefore we are suspending our fundraising and all immediate restoration activities.  In the meantime will plan to direct our ongoing efforts to work with the developer to have the restoration work done as part of the new development.

The existing pillar capstones (which are from the original pillars) will have to be removed and stored during the construction. 

Stay tuned here and through upcoming LPRO newsletters for continued updates on the status and progress as events unfold.

(Much thanks to those individuals who have already made a contribution – we will be getting in touch with you directly).



The pillars and railings of the Gates of Alexandra Boulevard at Yonge Street have been a historical landmark of what is now known as Lytton Park since the earliest days of its development.


Sadly, the original gates were taken down and replaced in the 1990’s, and using quite inferior materials and shoddy workmanship.  The caps of the original pillars have been preserved, and regardless of the loss of the bricks and iron, they continue to be an important symbol of our heritage and to contribute to the unique character of our neighbourhood.

These cheap replacements are already literally crumbling to pieces, and have become both an eyesore and a safety concern.

alexandra gates close up

gates with condo behind

The City will not help.  If the pillars become unsafe (which they are) the City will take them down, and there will be no chance to replace them.  The City is, however, allowing the residents, acting through the Lytton Park Residents’ Organization, to repair and restore the pillars.  It is estimated that it will cost between $20,000 and $30,000 to restore the pillars depending on the brick used, and assuming the foundations are sound.

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Updated August 2018